Humour competition terms & conditions

1. As with our biltong, we're only interested in good taste, so please don't send us any offensive
or inappropriate entries. Any entry we consider inappropriate will be deleted on arrival. Discretion in making this decision lies entirely with the competition judge.

2. The winning entry each month will receive one of our sample packs - this is the maximum that will be awarded under any circumstances to your entry, regardless of how we make use of it.

3. Please submit original material only and photos you took yourself - we will not consider jokes/ photos taken from other websites. By entering, you indicate that your entry is your own work.

4. By entering a photo, you indicate that you have obtained permission from the persons in the photo to enter the competition.

5. By entering the competition, you indicate that you knowingly and willingly hand over all copyright associated with the material to us.

6. We may use your material, or the idea contained therein for our own promotional purposes. By entering you indicate that you give us your permission to do so and shall not seek any compensation for the use of your material.

7. If an entry is particularly good, we may award it a prize in future months if it it not awarded a prize in the month it was submitted.

8. The judge's decisions are final and no communication will be entered into regarding any decision made.


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© Copyright Thomas Baker 2006